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Montavimo darbai -

Standard installation of air conditioner/ heat pump air-to-air


The installation service consists of:


  • Arrival at the installation site for installation services on weekdays
  • Consulting on choosing the optimal installation location
  • Preparation of devices for installation work
  • Diamond drilling of the wall (up to 0.4 m thick) without dust, for conducting communications - 1 pc.
  • Up to 3m communications between devices. insulated copper pipes and communication cable, plastic tray to protect/hide communications, opening cover, condensate drain hose.
  • power cable up to 3m from e. power supply
  • Additional small installation materials are required for installation
  • Installation of devices (internal+i lateral) at a height of up to 2.8 m, counting zero from a solid base (e.g. a flat garage roof). When installing above, it is necessary to notify in advance.
  • Device "start-up" and operation check
  • A brief explanation of how to use the device for the user


  • The hanging/standing mounting bracket of the outer part is not included .
  • Permits or consents (if needed) to perform installation work are taken care of by the customer.


The hanging/standing mounting bracket of the outer part is not included .

Arrival at the installation location - Vilnius +50km. After 50km, a fee of 0.5eur/km applies ( counted only for arrival). The installation location of the devices must be freed, unladen, and easily accessible. On days of rest and holidays, the installation price is negotiated individually.


The need for additional materials or options* is discussed in advance by phone. Additional options are available during installation, if additional materials are required:

  1. Longer length of communications
  2. Diamond wall drilling
  3. Longer email power cable

Billing for additional materials takes place on site with the installer.

*Additional options as needed:

- Longer length of communications (pipes, signal cable, tray, additional corners or connections)

- Hanging/standing external device mounting bracket

- The base for mounting the device (“boards”)

- Condensate evaporator (attached to the outdoor unit)

- Condensate drain pump

- Condensate drainage pump, with connection to the sewage system, with an odor valve

- Bringing the power supply cable to the device from the electrical panel with an automatic switch

- Replenishment of refrigerant

- The need for a lift to perform the work

- Transition through the roof, sealing of the roof covering