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NOXA Happy 5.3 kW SFR-50B-1A

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NOXA Happy 5.3/5.4 kW - Airoxa.euNOXA Happy 5.3/5.4 kW - Airoxa.euNOXA Happy 5.3/5.4 kW -

The Noxa Happy 5.3 kW wall air conditioner is the perfect solution for a home, office, small shop or server room.

Heating, cooling, ventilation and dehumidification function.

Recommended for rooms up to 50m2-60m2.

The device is filled by the manufacturer with an ecological coefficient of R32.

A 5-year warranty is provided


Turbo function

Simple assembly and easy service

Individual control

Economic work

Freon leak detection function

Emergency operation function

Blinds setting memory

Sleep function

Quietly working