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Solar power plants. The beginning.

Solar power plants . The beginning.

Where to start?

The first step you should do is calculate the annual (last few years) average electricity consumption. The higher the electricity consumption of your home or business farm, the more beneficial the installation of a solar power plant will be. The more you use, the more you save on generating your own electricity. One kilowatt of installed solar power plants in Lithuania produces about 1000 kWh of electricity per year.


What power do I need?

Since we already know approximately how much electricity we will be able to produce per year, we can easily calculate the capacity of the solar power plant that meets our needs. The first way is to simply divide your annual electricity consumption by 1000. So, if you consume 4500 kWh of electricity, to cover your current consumption, you will need a solar power plant with a power of about 4.5 kW. The second way is to multiply the monthly amount of kilowatt hours by 0.012. Let's say you use the same 4500 kWh per year, then the monthly average would be (4500/12) - 375 kWh, which means - we multiply 375 by 0.012 and get the required power of the solar power plant, ie 4.5 kW.


Where to install?

A solar power plant can be installed on practically any surface. True, it should also be taken into account whether the area where the solar modules will be installed will not be exposed to the shadow, the light part of the day. The most popular installation solutions are ground structures and roofs, sometimes house facades or balcony railings. The roof would be both pitched and flat. Roof coverings - do not have a big impact, since only the fixing of the modules themselves is different, so all types of tins, various types of tile, bituminous, corrugated sheet coverings, etc. are suitable. One kilowatt (kW) of a solar power plant on a sloping roof will require about 5-6 m 2 of roof area , and when installing the power plant on a flat roof - about 7-8 m 2 . If you have a small roof area, we recommend that you take into account the dimensions of the solar modules, since their range is wide, and therefore there are various dimensions. Sometimes smaller solar modules are more powerful than larger ones . The solar power plant is suitable for east, south-east, south, south-west and west directions and almost any angle of inclination of the roof.



Depending on the equipment, the price of installing a solar power plant in Lithuania ranges from 700 to 1100 Euros per installed kilowatt. The price basically depends on the selected components, because their selection is indeed very wide. True, thanks to the state support program for solar power plants, both the investment itself and its payback become much more attractive. You can find a lot of information on the official website of the environmental project management agency:


For business

Since last year, any company, regardless of its size or nature of activity, can use APVA support. The amount of support is up to EUR 246/kW (without VAT), but not more than EUR 200,000 per applicant. This year, as last year, support will be awarded in a non-competitive manner, with priority given to earlier applicants. So now is a really good time to say yes to many years of solar power and reduce your payments.



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